Why I Really Need To Get Laid More

Since the separation from hubby and moving back in with my folks at the beginning of the year, I haven’t exactly had much opportunity for the sexing.

Most of this is due to my complete lack of opportunity thanks to the whole having kids/living with parents thing, but there’s also a highly contributing factor of a general lack of age appropriate males in my daily interactions.

(Ok, in all fairness there’s a fairly good lack of of human interaction in general, but as most of the human contact I get is from my kiddo’s preschool teachers, the overwhelming lack of testosterone is especially notable.)

However, there is this one guy…..

He goes to the church my father attends and which I’ve been tagging along to (mostly just to get out of the house, and they also provide free child care) since coming to the isolated mountain town.

And he also happens to be the pastor’s son.

Who also happens to be the very same pastor who lives two houses down from my folks.

Sooo….. welcome to a small town.

But he IS rather cute. And very sexy, as he works as the caretaker for a local ghost mine and has some serious muscles, plays the bass in the choir, and has a charmingly rakish look about him at all times thanks to some self hair-cuts and nearly always sporting a weeks growth of beard.

And my stealthy internet searching skills tell me he is 28, which is a good a good (read: not old and decrepit) age.

But see, I only see him at church, and since we make a quick exit post service due to the little squeaker’s impending nap time, I don’t exactly have much opportunity for casual conversation which could potentially end up with me tricking him into asking me out to dinner.

However, I DO get a solid hour+ every week to sit there and subtly stair at the back of his sexy head of hair.

And perhaps, daydream about how we would go for a walk down by the creek after dinner at the local (and awesome) brewery, where we would stop on the pedestrian bridge to watch the snow melt turbulence and then he’d put his arm around me and…

Oh crap, we’re standing and singing now.

….then suddenly we’d be kissing, and somehow it would instantly go into that seriously intimate making out, but then someone would startle us out of it by making a cat call as they walked over the bridge….

Jesus fucking Christ, that guy sucks at reading from the bible.

…..so I’d comment “we’re totally not in the right place for this” and he’d nod and lead me back to his truck and a short ride later we’d be at his cabin…..

Ah crap, I am SO going to hell for daydreaming about having sex with the pastor’s son IN CHURCH.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Tinkerbell
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 15:51:36

    it could be worse, you could have had sex on church grounds…..just saying…..not that i’ve ever done that….. <..> >.<


  2. mrstinkerbell
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 19:06:29

    I was going to comment that Mr. Tinkerbell would be perfectly happy to assist but … apparently he choose not to go there. Instead I respond with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hthiLHVAMho


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