Dear Life,

I know we’ve been having so much fun out here, and it did probably seem like it’d be really exciting to throw in a 104 degree fever, teething baby, and unholily awful diaper rash on top of trying to sell the house, find a job, divorce a husband, and move.

But please cut it the fuck out.

Really, the preschooler and the high fever from unknown origins? Not cool. The accompanying puking? REALLY not cool. The puking caused by antibiotics? Really, really not cool. The incompetent idiots pretending to be doctors who can’t fucking get a new prescription called for an entire day and then leave at noon on Fridays so they can’t be reached to be informed that her third round of amoxicillan (how the fuck do you spell amoxicillan anyways? god damn worthless spell check! and yes I’m being too lazy to google it)  in two months isn’t doing jack shit and she’s still running a damn high fever and miserable? So unbelievably unfucking uncool it’s not even funny.

(She can’t even go to preschool!!)

And the baby cutting through like eight fucking teeth at once RIGHT NOW? Also not cool. And that nasty diaper rash that won’t clear up on account of a couple rounds of antibiotics for an ear infection that she just got over and despite me using the shit prescribed by the same incompetent assholes who can’t manage a real antibiotic or decent office hours? Really not cool.

And the whole “lets pull like 12 all nighters in a row because I’m dealing with all this shit and see how peachy keen life is then” plan for ME?! Yeah………..

Knock it. The fuck. Off.

I’ve been wearing the same dirty sweat pants for the last 42 hours straight, and counting. I don’t remember the last time I brushed my hair. And I have been eating chocolate like I’m trying to expand my ass at least three inches a day.

A little help here?


Peace, Love, and I will fucking kill you if I don’t get some sleep soon.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mrstinkerbell
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 22:31:52

    That is all. Sleep and chocolate to you


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