Christmas leftovers

I applied for this job as the town receptionist of Southpark (name changed to protect the innocent) a few weeks back, which closed on Friday, so of course I haven’t heard anything back yet.

I’m torn about whether I want to actually live up in the mountains (and the town’s a little crazy, too), and the pay for the position was pretty piss poor (which totally means it’ll be the only one I’ll get, right?), buuuuut I still keep browsing rental listings.

(Cause I’m really damn lame like that.)

Ain’t much shit there on Craigslist for the mountains that falls into the “maybe almost sorta affordable” AND “not a 400 square foot one room log cabin” categories.

But there was this one place, a cute little house, listed as a rental on Craigslist, just down the road from my folks….

And thinking about that little house and living in Colorado and all, and I thought of something I’d really like to do.

(Assuming I move out there next week, get this job, negotiate the pay up $5 an hour from what they listed and the rent down $200 a month.)

Host a Christmas Leftovers part, preferably in the evening on the 25th but if everyone else is still busy on family time the 26th, where people show up with a leftover dish from their house and we all hang out and drink hot cider and talk and shit.

All the peeps from back in the day (by which I mean highschool) would be back home for the holidays, and they could bring along their assorted significant others/little brothers/hitchhikers picked up on the way, not to mention the unusually high levels of college cohorts that also came from that area (no kidding, 25% were from that state!) and might also be back for the week, so it’d totally be like I almost have friends again!

Friends to bring food, and to drink with while joking about how to get their vehicles unstuck from the snowdrift formerly known as my driveway and admiring the pretty white views lit up by candlelight….

Doesn’t that sound like fun? And it wouldn’t involve me personally cooking beyond heating cider and procuring beer. And I could totally have the girls sleep over at my folks….

(Yes, I’m counting procuring beer as cooking. And figuring out stupid pain in the ass logistics crap IN my make believe little world.)

((Because I’m a little bit crazy…..))

(((Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone…..)))

((((Especially not the people that might be hiring me as the town receptionist…..))))

Easy, fun, and awesome.

Because that’s totally how I roll.

(Some of the occasional time, at least…)


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