Alright, so this blog is going to feature a lot of highschool, since the other one my mother reads and yeah….. (shit, how many years until the kiddos are teenagers??)

There was this really distinctive part of my highschool years where I ended up in really crazy situations through exceptionally little personal influence.

And the main cause: Cowboyearp, the boyfriend of my bff Pinkstiletto.

Now, he had started out just as much a spoiled suburbia punk as the rest of us.

BUT, he had decided that the cowboy look was the height of fashion, and I think there is an unspoken law that says all persons in cowboy hats must congregate together against the rest of the world.

And he went to lots of hick bars.

So he had formed a little posse of buds who were in fact, real farm kids, real rednecks, real trailer park trash….

And how do any good hicks celebrate something like a birthday? Throwing a huge ass drinking (and pot smoking) party out in the middle of freeze fucking nowhere (on land which either national forest or private property to someone not in attendance) with a ginormous bonfire as the main focal point (you know, for all the drunk dicks hicks to stumble through).

And how on earth did I end up there?

Well, Pinkstiletto and I had had plans of some malling that afternoon followed by some movies and a sleepover that night, and were toodeling along just fine in our girly plans, when Cowboyearp called her, and said everyone was going up there and she (and me, be default of being in her truck) should meet up with them and go to the bonfire too.

(Ok ok, so I had the habit of ending up making out with one or another of his buddies, a detail they all really liked, so my presence was wanted for that.)

((I am soooo screwed in a few years…..))

Now, when I saw “in the middle of fuck nowhere”, I do mean “in the middle of fuck nowhere”. This place was up somewhere in the mountains, the trucks going up these little 4 wheeling trails (which, by all laws of the universe, we should have died on… ESPECIALLY everyone driving back down them after consuming copious amounts of alcohol and/or pot……..), to get to this meadow which did have some pretty incredible views and at least 60 or 70 people gathered around.

It was also really damn cold once the sun began to set, since temperatures drop 40 or 50 degrees in the mountains at night, and the only heat (and light) source was the big ass bonfire.

Now, in one of the few intelligent moves during of his association with us, Cowboyearp told us to get the fuck out of there a few hours in (apparently there were some big fight plans going down right then….).

Which also meant we managed to be gone when the cops showed up.

Now, these cops were not stupid cops. No no, they had these little 4 wheel drive jeeps and pickups, and we saw them heading up the trail just after we got out of it.

Many were arrested (since there were probably a whole 6 people there over the age of 21, and that’s just considering the beer and not the other indulgences), many escaped arrest by running drunk and/or stoned through the forest, at night, in the dark…..


Thank you, lucky stars, for that one.

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  1. tinkerbell
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:25:07

    Yikes. Good timing


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