America’s funniest

I think there should be a version of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but rated “Mature”.

(Because people who can’t stop snickering at horrible bra failures and stuck thongs are sooooo mature.)


And it would feature the videos of boobs flying out of poorly designed strapless prom dresses, and the sexy pole dance home made video for a deployed boyfriend that ended in the girl falling off and breaking a nearby lamp.

Now, I don’t know how many people actually set out to make sex videos of themselves, but with the constant access to webcams and cellphones, I would wager it’s pretty high.

(I even did one once!)

((Which, if it ever finds it’s way onto the internet, might just warrant some serious killing of the other half of that adventure AND some good old fashioned appearance-altering-plastic-surgery-with-name-change new identity time.))

(((Just saying….)))

And, with how often skilled people manage to do things like walk into poles and actually break the bed during sex, statistically there should be some good ones captured on film.

And if there aren’t… well, nothing like 15 minutes of fame to make people start rolling out the video cameras and doing stupid shit.

(Ok, we might need some monetary prizes too, but those are just details.)

Yep, America’s Funniest Home Sex Tapes.

It’ll be big.

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