I’ve been looking for a job, along with this getting a divorce thing (and moving across the country and getting a new place to live and a new life, etc).

And it’s really fucking frustrating.

I’ve applied to position after position that I genuinely WANT. That I would work hard at and do well at. That could help create this new life in a successful way, not the overwhelming feeling of failure way that is threatening….

And I can’t get one.

Nobody thinks I’m worth anything, or would be able to do jack shit. And that really fucking blows.

Ah well…. I suppose that’s why parents have basements after all……….

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  1. tinkerbell
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 17:57:07

    Not to be a downer, but at least to pull away from the sense of negativity about you, but I was applying for a new job for 3 years before I got out of my last one. The economy sucks and though it’s picking up, there are so many jobless people or people who took lesser jobs and now want their old ones back. It seems like you can get a minimum wage sucky job, or have 400 years of experience to get a real job and nothing in between.
    Sorry you’re frustrated though. I know the amazing job that works for you will be perfect. And remember tink is a babysitter!!


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