I have developed a strong dislike for headphones in the recent months.

My soon-to-be-ex husband, lets call him Capt. Dickie, likes to put on his super big, super nice, noise canceling ones at every computer opportunity.

Now I do understand that he does do things like listen to music, or watch football, or play games, all of which involve sound. And honestly, all of which I don’t really need to listen to.

But it also makes it so he can’t fucking hear anything else going on in the god damn house.

He can’t hear the baby crying, or the kids screaming around like little terror monkeys.

(Or at least pretends he can’t hear the kids screaming around like little terror monkeys.)

He can’t hear me ask him if he would like a garlic bagel when I’m in the kitchen making myself one. He can’t hear me call down from the kids’ room asking him to bring the forgotten sippy cup. He can’t hear me holler from the bathroom when I was taking a shower had but forgot that the towels were in the dryer still until I went to get out, and would really really like for him to go grab me one pretty please.

And my understanding of how he honestly just didn’t hear any of it is getting very, very low.

It also feeds into a lot of resentment where it seems like he doesn’t want to be here at all, and just pretends he’s not, at every opportunity.

And I’m sure I wouldn’t really want to listen to the howling terror monkeys either, given a choice.

But I don’t get to check out on life whenever I feel like it.

And it’s not fucking fair that he does.

And damnit, if another adult is in this fucking house I should NOT have to make the cold, wet, and naked streak through the damn place to get to the dryer in the basement to get a fucking towel.

Yep, that’s deffinetly going on my “future significant other must have/do” list.

Must be willing to bring me a towel to dry off with when getting out of the shower.

Right after Must make me pancakes occasionally.

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