Fucking Intro

Fuck is such a wonderful word.

It’s one of the most adaptable in the English language, can convey every emotion from sheer ecstasy to misery, and finds a nice place as noun, verb, adverb, adjective, and even sometimes a pronoun.

And I want to be able to fucking say it on occasion.

I keep a nice, normal blog. You know, one which my parents read. One that I even wouldn’t mind potential employers to read. I write about my adorable children and their crazy sheniangans, and lots of prime and proper thoughtful subjects.

(Like chocolate.)

But sex is a really fun topic too!

And damnit, occasionally my children deserve to be called little shitheads.

Also, as I’m going through a divorce right now, there are occasional moments where I want to call my soon-to-be-ex shithead husband a fucking asshole. But as he also reads my daily blog (and as we presently have decently good relations which I genuinely would like to maintain), I try not to indulge in ranting about his moments of superior jackassness.

Lol, aren’t you people lucky? You get the blog of rants and raves and immature fart stories.

But it’s ok, I promise I’ll post a profile pic of me in the shower (when I get around to it) and to rambling about masturbation at least once a month to make up for whining about all the much less interesting fucked up shit that goes on in my head.

Peace, love, and happy, happy days….

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